General Rules & Regulations


General Rules for Miss Inner-Beauty America:


  • Makeup – Girls are not required to wear make-up in our pageants.  If makeup is worn, it should be light, age appropriate, and natural looking.  If a contestant wears heavy makeup, points are deducted.
  • Hair –  Wigs, wiglets, hair extensions, and other false hair enhancements are not allowed in Miss Inner-Beauty America.
  • Dress – Contestants should wear an elegant, age appropriate, floor-length gown.  The dress can be new, borrowed, or old…it doesn’t matter where it came from; it’s all about how you wear it on stage with confidence and elegance! The judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer of the gown, instead they will be looking for confidence, poise, and dignity projected in the contestants’ walks.
  • Tanning – Fake spray tanning is not allowed.
  • Flippers – Flippers are false teeth which are typically worn by girls who are in Glitz Pageants.  They are not allowed to be worn in the Miss Inner-Beauty America Pageant.
  • Casual Wear –  The theme for the June 2015 pageant is “America the Beautiful”, so for the casual wear category the contestants are required to wear a red, white, and blue outfit in honor of Independence Day.  This outfit can be bought off the rack or custom made if you’d like.
  • The college scholarships are awarded through the Teen age group, and scholarship amounts are dependent upon the pageant’s overall fundraising total. The Teen age group participants and scholarship recipient must have a cumulative 2.5 GPA and have completed at least 25 hours of community service, beginning their freshman year of high school, by the date of the pageant. Pageant contestants who win a scholarship have up to two years post the pageant date to submit all documents necessary for their scholarship to be processed for the University of their choice. All Scholarship monies will be sent directly to the contestant’s university of choice.
  • All Optional Category Cash prizes are based on at least 4 contestants (or sibling pairs for the Dynamic Sisters) registered per Optional Category.  If less than 4 contestants participate in a particular category, the cash prize for that category will be prorated, however, the prize awarded to the winner will be no less than the entry fee.
  • Contestants who win the Ultimate title, Queen titles, and the Scholarship are asked to return to volunteer and make appearances at future PEARL Girls and Miss Inner-Beauty America events for (1) year after the pageant.

Please click here to download all of the official pageant rules and regulations.