Optional Categories = Chances to win more prizes! Oh Yeah!


The Optional Pageant categories are scored separately and do not affect the score from the Mandatory Pageant Categories per Age Division. Contestants can receive additional awards and prizes by participating in the Optional Categories. All Optional Events will be held on Saturday, June 27th after the Pageant Orientation.

There are (8) Optional Categories to choose from. Contestants may enter as many Optional Categories as they’d like, and they can enter an Optional Category multiple times if they’d like to, however each entry is scored separately.

(1) winner per Optional Category will be awarded  a $100 cash prize and a beautiful trophy.

Spirit Awards

Register for:

    • (3) or more Optional Categories, and win a sparkling Spirit Trophy
    • (5) or more Optional Categories, and win a sparkling Spirit Trophy and an awesome Surprise Gift!

Inner-Beauty’s Next Top Model - $35 Entry Fee

Wear your favorite Outfit of Choice and rock the runway!  Anything Goes! Show us your best fun and fierce Model Walk in this segment of the pageant!  You go girl! (Music will be provided).





Speech/Oratory - $35 Entry Fee

Contestants are able to give a 2 minute or less speech on a topic or platform that they are passionate about. Sample speech topics are: a person you admire the most and why, a community service project that you care about, your favorite teacher and why, an age appropriate current event, air pollution, animal cruelty, issues involving education in schools, bullying, or other topics about youth.

Academic Achievement - $25 Entry Fee

You’re smart, and you know it! Show off your grades for a chance to win! Turn in your report card or a copy of your academic transcript at the Pageant Orientation.  The judges will look at all entries.

Naturally Photogenic - $25 Entry Fee

You are naturally beautiful just the way that you are.  This event is your time to show off a fabulous photo of yourself! The picture that you submit can be a professional picture, a personal picture from a camera, or even a selfie.  Glamour and Glitz photos are not allowed.  The photo should be at least 5X7 in size, but no larger than 8X10 and should be turned in at the registration table on Saturday June 27th at the Pageant Orientation.   Judging will take place on June 27th after the Pageant Orientation.

Talent Competition - $45 Entry Fee

Do you sing, dance, rap, cheer, recite poetry, know karate, or have a special talent?  We want to see your skills!  This is your time to shine! (Time limit: 2 minutes or less.  You provide your own music. Props are allowed, but must be easily removed on and off stage by 1 person.)

If you participate in the Talent Competition, you have the opportunity to win the Ultimate Crown across all age divisions.  This is the only category of the pageant where the Optional Category score is combined with the contestant’s total pageant score for a chance to win the Ultimate title and crown for 2015!

Commercial Actress - $35 Entry Fee

Get your acting skills on and perform a commercial!  In this category, contestants are able to perform a commercial to try to “sell” something to the audience.  (Time limit: 30 seconds or less. The commercial can be one that you created or one that you saw on TV. You can also google commercial scripts and perform one that you find. Props can be used).

Dynamic Sisters - $50 Entry Fee (pay 1 entry fee for both sisters)

Are you and your sister a dynamic duo?  Do you sing, dance, or have another special talent that you like to perform together?  Show us what you got!  The sisterhood bond lasts forever and we can’t wait to see what you and your sister do for fun!

Cheer - $35 Entry Fee

Ready! OK!! In this pageant category contestants are able to perform a cheer.  The cheer is limited to 2 minutes or less. Music and cheer props (i.e. pom poms and mats) are allowed.