The PEARL Girls Inner-Beauty pageants are amazing. I have never seen so many happy and confident girls in one place…there were crowns and smiles everywhere!  What an awesome way to build self-esteem! Every girl needs to be involved in this program! 

Phyllis B.

Pageant Judge

The PEARL Girls Inner-Beauty pageants are a breath of fresh air!  Living in a world that judges people on their physical appearance can be very hard on girls today, especially with all of the things on social media.   I am so glad that my daughter learned the value of true inner-beauty, giving back to the community and confidence by participating in this program.  Thanks, PEARL Girls, for all that you do!

Stacy T.

Proud Mom

I love being a PEARL Girl! The pageants are so much fun! I always win lots of prizes, and make nice new friends. You should see all of my crowns!  

Kayla G.

Age 5

I have volunteered for the PEARL Girls Inner-beauty pageants for the past 5 years, and they just keep getting better and better!  I am so impressed with the integrity of the programs, not only are they fun, but they teach girl’s valuable life-lessons which steer them on a path of success.  

Talana J.


The college scholarship that I received from PEARL Girls was such a blessing.  As a freshman, who went to an out of state college, it really helped take a little bit of the burden off of my parents.  I really enjoyed my time in the PEARL Girls programs, and I love volunteering at them when I am home from school. 

Tiana A.

I was very much against the word “pageant” and was initially apprehensive. However, the approach that PEARL Girls take is one that insures that our young ladies learn the basics of etiquette and “ladylike” skills that are necessary for success in life. As they build their confidence, they introduce skills like public speaking and proper posture to further enhance their poise and elegance. Then, they provide a platform to showcase accomplishments for friends and family (they call this a pageant) Last, they encourage young ladies to be responsible and “give back” to the community which makes for a well-rounded leader in life. 

Darlene G.

Proud Mom

My daughter participated in the PEARL Girls Inner-Beauty Pageant, and she attended several of the confidence camps as well. It was truly an inner beauty celebration for her. She made so many great friends and had a blast! The workshops taught her to be poised and elegant. She learned to be confident and proud of who she is. Thanks to Coach Keisha, she is now encouraging other girls and becoming a young leader. PEARL Girls is an amazing organization and we are so blessed to be a part of the PEARL family.

Elizabeth B.

Proud Mom

What can I say about PEARL Girls…well, THEY ROCK! I have been in the Inner-Beauty Pageant two times now, and I have learned so much from the program.  I used to be bullied at school a lot, so I never really spoke up or tried to make new friends. So, when my Mom signed me up for the Inner-Beauty pageant, I was so scared at first.  But, now I feel more confident, and my Mom says that I have “come out of my shell”.  It’s pretty cool. 

Quesharri L.

Age 13

I learned a lot from the PEARL Girls Inner-Beauty pageant, and I really feel like it prepared me for job interviews and for college. Now that I am older, I see the value in learning how to introduce yourself, making eye contact, walking in the room with your head up, and not slouching.  I am so glad that I learned it at a young age from PEARL Girls. 

Sherrell M.

Before participating in the PEARL Girls programs, my daughter was so shy that she would not even raise her hand in school to go to the restroom. We recently participated in the PEARL Girls Inner-Beauty Pageant and through this program, my daughter’s confidence in herself blossomed.  Coach Keisha was patient with my young daughter and was able to mentor her in a way that I wasn’t able to connect with her. My daughter looks up to Miss Keisha – both because she is beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

Leila L.

Proud Mom

“When is the next PEARL Girls pageant Mom?” I hear this several times throughout the year as my daughter anxiously awaits the annual Inner-Beauty pageant.  We are so glad that we found PEARL Girls, and Coach Keisha.  This program is really helping to mold my daughter into a confident young lady with goals.


Sonja S.

Proud Mom