About Us

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Miss Inner-Beauty America is a program hosted by PEARL Girls.  Our name, PEARL Girls, is an acronym for Poised, Elegant, And Responsible Leaders.  Since 2006, we have been dedicated to providing self-esteem enhancing programs for girls that uplift, educate, and motivate!

Our programs focus on (5) main areas of self-development:

  • Education
  • Etiquette
  • Self-Esteem
  • Inner-Beauty
  • Empowerment

We aim to build our young ladies of today into confident, empowered women of tomorrow!

PEARL Girls started hosting Inner-Beauty scholarship pageants in 2008 with the Miss PEARL of Dallas Inner-Beauty Scholarship pageant.  This pageant was an enrichment program for high school juniors and seniors.  In order to expand the scope and reach of Miss PEARL of Dallas, in 2013 PEARL Girls began hosting pageants for younger girls (ages 4-15) with the Miss Forever PEARL Inner-Beauty & Self-esteem pageant.  Due to its success, PEARL Girls decided to combine both pageants into one big amazing inner-beauty celebration for girls ages 4-18, hence the launch of the Miss Inner-Beauty America Pageant in 2015.  To view pictures of the PEARL Girls Inner-Beauty pageants’ growth from 2008 to today, please visit the PEARL Girls photo gallery.

To date, thousands of young ladies have participated in the PEARL Girls programs, and over $35,000 worth of college scholarships have been awarded to deserving female high school graduates. To view more details about the PEARL Girls programs, please visit www.Pearl-Girls.orgKeisha Howard Gaddis

PEARL Girls was founded by former beauty queen, turned inner-beauty catalyst, Keisha Howard Gaddis.

School Counselor by day, Girls’ Confidence Coach at night – Keisha Howard Gaddis, also known as “Coach Keisha”, brings a whole lot of girl-power everywhere that she goes!

Coach Keisha is a passionate communicator and girls’ self-esteem enthusiast who is making a positive impact in the lives of girls, young women, and the people who care about them.

As a Confidence Coach, Coach Keisha provides individual and group Confidence Coaching sessions for girls where she guides them through the ups and downs of adolescence. She is also a published author whose educational book, “The Inner-Beauty Secret” teaches children the importance of character traits that are found within.

Coach Keisha is a sought after speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations to girls, young women, and mothers.  Her educational, interactive, and down-to-earth approach captivates her audiences’ hearts while motivating them with self-love and teaching positive life-skills.  To view more information about Coach Keisha, please visit www.CoachKeisha.com.

The mission of Miss Inner-Beauty America
  1. To be a fun, self-esteem enhancing environment for young ladies.
  2. To teach and instill positive values and life skills, such as the importance of giving back to the community.
  3. To give girls a platform to let their inner-beauty shine!
Why we do it?

We know that being a girl is tough!  Boys… beauty…brains…and body…Oh My!!  We also know that we live in a world where girls are constantly judged by their physical beauty which ads unneeded stress to girls’ lives. So, instead of focusing on one’s physical appearance, Miss Inner-Beauty America celebrates girls for having enough courage and confidence to embrace their natural beauty with pride while presenting their inner-beauty to the world.   After all, true beauty comes from within, and we encourage our participants to let their inner-character traits shine.

Our pageant is designed to be a fun, celebratory time for the girls.

  • This is not your traditional beauty pageant.  Miss Inner-Beauty America is a pageant that teaches principles. Our goal is to instill positive values while enhancing girls’ social skills. Each one of our Pageant Categories is associated with specific life-skills which steer girls towards success in life. Our pageant participants also demonstrate their inner-beauty by giving back to the community as part of their pageant experience.
  • Additionally, we offer several Pre-Pageant Confidence Camps to all pageant participants where girls make new friends and have fun while learning lessons on public speaking, poise, posture, etiquette, and everything else that they need to know to grace the pageant stage with confidence.
What makes our pageant different from the others?

Miss Inner-Beauty America is a pageant like no other.  Traditional beauty pageants place high value on how well a girl fits into society’s “beauty” standards.  But, not us!  We believe that true beauty comes from within, therefore, makeup is not required in our pageant, and there are limits to how much makeup is allowed. Light, age appropriate make-up is permitted, but not required, and contestants lose points for heavy makeup.   In our opinion, it’s not about the Glitz and Glamour…it’s all about CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER!!  Fake eye-lashes, wigs, hair extensions, fake tans, “flippers”, fake fingernails, and anything else that is unauthentic is prohibited. Instead of focusing on outward appearances, we encourage our participants to focus on inner-beauty traits such as character development, public speaking skills, poise, etiquette, and confidence.

We consider our pageant more of an Inner-Beauty Party rather than a traditional pageant because each girl is individually called upon stage to receive her special recognition, and everyone goes home with a Crown, Sash, and Trophy amongst other prizes!!

New to pageants?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! No experience is necessary to participate, and girls with pageant experience are treated just as girls without pageant experience.   We also teach you skills to shine on stage at our fun Pre-Pageant Confidence Camps! At the Confidence Camps, girls receive instruction on poise, the pageant walk, stage stance, public speaking skills, etiquette, and much, much, more!  So, the girls are well prepared to get on stage and have fun at the pageant!